Sponsor Tommy Cat

Who Will Sponsor Tommy Cat? Tommy will, most likely, need several sponsors. Tommy showed up here in June of 2012. His skin was totally scabbed and fur was matted. He had a fungus growing on his body. He would come to eat and leave. I finally got him to visit me for a while, each time. I got him neutered.

As he began to stay, I slept on my carport with him, so he wouldnt leave. Every day, for four months, I treated his body with honey, lemon and vinegar, until he was healed.

Gradually, I was able to get Tommy Cat to come inside at night. He insist to go out in the day hours and I spend most of my time outdoors, because of Tommy Cat, as I wont let him out of my sight.

In August of 2014 Tommy Cat was diagnosed FIV+ and with Feline Stomatitis. Tommy Cat is ten years plus. Tommy needs regular veterinarian care and special food. Invoices and receipts, of this expense, will be provided to our fb page.

Tommy Cat – Can only eat Applaws Canned Cat Food, Chicken & Cheese. It takes a case and a half a month of 24/5.5oz cans – $90 a month – or more, when cost is higher. At current, veterinarian visit’s are monthly.

At times, Tommy has to go to the vet every two weeks or weekly. Veterinarian care for Tommy Cat is approx $105 per month. The current estimated total cost per month, to care for Tommy Cat is, $195.

There is yearly blood work, supplements and other over-the-counter products used to help Tommy Cat. I am not including this in with his monthly care expense. If I can get sponsors to cover that much, I can supply the other expenses for Tommy Cat.

If you can sponsor Tommy Cat, please state how much money you are able to sponsor him with. Any amount is a blessing. We can always continue asking for more sponsors, to get the amount needed.

Methods, in which one could sponsor Tommy Cat, are as follows:

Donate via PayPal

Amazon Wish List

Turkey Creek Animal Hospital (813)752-1010
Donate to the account for Cherryl Bennett


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