This is about a bunch of kitties, who were ignored by everyone. 

Four personal kitties, with the remainder of two cat colonies and some out of the way rescues, there are 50 cats and three dogs in my care.

There were two cat colonies found in 2004, at an apartment complex, where I moved to, after Hurricane Jeanne destroyed my home. I lived at the complex for seven years, before being able to purchase another home. I made all attempts to get local cat organizations to help with these two cat colonies, to no avail. All either refused or simply did not return calls or emails and one outright told me to turn my back and walk away from them. I had no choice but to take this on myself, as I could not turn my back to what I found.

By the time I got all of them trapped, spayed and/or neutered, which took me some years, due to the expense, as they were having kittens in the process, the two cat colonies turned out to be 80 cats that I trapped/caught and spayed/neutered.

When I moved to this home, there were 50 cats remaining. I had to trap and catch all of them. They were relocated to their new home.

They have been with me for years now. Some have passed on. There were 13 rescued from here, where I now live. They were rescued due to emergency situations. I had no plans to take on any more, because I cannot afford this. But this had to be done. With the remaning of the cat colonies and the 13 rescued from current location and my four personal kitties, there are 50 cats. There are three dogs, that I have rescued.

I was able to hold all of this up, by myself, until 2014. With aging cats, comes veterinarian expenses, medications, ongoing veterinarian expenses, special foods, supplements, on and on… l now need help to see these animals through their aging years.

I have begged and pleaded for help, since 2014, and that help has been very little and very hard to come by. The help is for these animals. It is not for me. I am in a financial debt, due to trying to hold them up, and now trying to pay the debt, plus pay cash for their care, as there is no room to go in debt, any further. I am doing the best I can, but it became obvious, I need help with this.

If you can donate, in any amount, and share our need, this would be most helpful and most appreciated.

For the love of Tommy Cat & Rescued Friends – Sanctuary

Methods of ways, where people can help, are pinned to the top of our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TommyandFriends

Thank You


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