We Will Never Forget

Day 75 —- Click Here to Visit and Like the Facebook Page for Sage
Welcome to our page! We are demanding Justice for Sage, the cat tortured and killed in Clearfield, Utah, USA. These are the facts of the case –

1) Sage was horrifically tortured, and the extent of his injuries were such that he could not walk, lift his head, or see. All of his paw and rib bones were broken, and his whiskers were cut off.

2) He was found INSIDE of his home at the bottom of the stairs at 6:30 in the morning of May 7th. He died two days later, while in the care of a vet.

3) There are conflicting news accounts and quotes from the family, saying that Sage somehow managed to crawl back home, over a fence, and through a dog door, and to the living room.

4) The reward fund is at $63,000. It is being handled by the Humane Society of Utah.

5) The news media say they will not continue to cover the case unless there are new statements from the investigation, or if there is an increase in the reward money.

6) Officials say, “the case is under investigation, and we are following all leads.”

We here at Justice for Sage find it hard to believe that Sage crawled home from another location, given the extent of his injuries. We also believe that the authorities are not doing enough, or anything, with this case.

You can help by sharing our page far and wide, so we can get more publicity, and by calling and emailing the relevant officials.

Davis County Animal Control – 801-444-2200

Clearfield City Police – 801-525-2836
Chief of Police Greg Krusi

Asst. Chief of Police Mike Stenquist

Lieutenant Kelly Bennett

Humane Society – 801-684-2719
Scroll to bottom of page, choose contacts, send email
I chose Media/Marketing and General Questions or Comments


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