Terribly Real in a Terribly False World

I have often been told, I should start a blog, because I am a type, who can only speak truth. I can only tell it like it is. I have never, and will never, live in fantasy land. It just isnt me. I am too real for this world. And that is the truth.

So, this is my blog. I believe this is my place to be who I am. I am who I am, everywhere I go, be it in real life or any place on the internet. But this blog is my place to be who I am and if people dont like that, too bad, so sad, it is not for me to become a fake person, to please the masses. That is not who I am.

For this blog entry, I am going to share something, I just said to a dear friend, in a facebook comment response. And my reason for sharing this is because it is my heart. These animals are my heart. I have given up my life and all of the money to help these animals. I have exhausted all means. I have had to press on, in their behalf, while being ignored. And even then, all is still ignored.

Lack of help for these animals, cannot be blamed on the fact that I am a bluntly, truthful person. It has been three years of pleading to get help to these animals. And finally, I am overwhelmed with the being ignored. People seem to want me to go on in la la land, talking all fantasy, never speaking the truth, but I realize, this is because, my speaking the truth is a reflection of a cruel world, who has ignored my pleas, trying to get help to these animals. 

So, you can either be a truth-seeker, like myself, facing all truth, or you can take this as something offensive. I cant help which way you take it and I am not going to force myself to live in fantasy land, just to appease the masses. That is not who I am.

Below, is a comment share, I am placing here, in regards to our facebook page, Tommy Cat Sanctuary, and the way it has gone and they way it has affected me.

The post in reference is located here: Post In Reference

I am struggling to not be depressed over this page. This post was made 11 hours ago and has showed up in 1718 news feeds and you are the only one to comment and there are only seven clicks on the emotes of likes and hearts and one share.
These are horrible stats and if those 1718 people would have all done some kind of action, they could have kept this going on into more news feeds, so the page got seen.
I am so distraught and I admit, I keep breaking down into tears because I am doing all I can find to do, to get people to help with this, and they just wont help. I dont know what to do any more and I have these animals needing help and I cant keep up with this high monthly expense on them with medicals.
It makes me want to die. I dont want to do this any more. I dont want to have to start putting kitties to sleep because I cant take care of this out of our income. I am so lost, sick and depressed over the lack of interaction on the page to help the page get seen, so that these animals can become something to be noticed and not continue to be something to ignore.
If you noticed, I am not even sharing the ways to get help to them, like I was. It seems, people just want me to shut up and let these animals die. They dont want to see the need for help. They just want stupid funny stuff shared and even then they dont interact.
These animals need help. There is nothing stupid or funny about it but I have had to resort to sharing stupid funny stuff and forget that these animals are going to die, stop sharing their need, because stupid funny is in and responsibility is out.
And as much as I like and enjoy stupid funny stuff, I am the one faced with this extreme responsibility every day and it hurts me that I have to not share there is a need, so animals dont have to die, just to please everybody else.
I may as well be dead, because this is so against everything I am for. Ignored – story of my life – and any animal in my care will suffer my plight – to be ignored and left to die.
I am sick. This page is making me sick. Reality is making me sick. The reality is facing the facts, people just do not care about anything that is in my care.
And I am speaking like this because it has been three years of this. I am sure, if others had this struggle for three years, they would become distraught. They would find they have a hard time speaking positive, because it has only been negative for three years. I am human. I know everyone would like to think I am a person with no feeling but that just isnt so. I wish it was so. I wish I had no heart.

1 thought on “Terribly Real in a Terribly False World”

  1. Adding reply to reply to comment 😀

    2401 news feeds now, in 23 hours. Eight clicks of emote things (I dont know what you call them), one share, one commentator heehee And I have always been one to laugh in front of the tears and I see I still do that. My tears are for these animals.

    Many people are confused, in regards to what this is about. They cannot comprehend what this is. It is not for or about me. It is that these animals will suffer the consequences and it breaks my heart.

    I have never been one to take having to put animals to sleep, especially due to lack of funds, when it is not as if five or ten thousand is being used on just one animal.

    The gofundme fundraiser I have set at $5000, is to help with 53 animals – not just for one animal. And that amount is nothing, when considering the thousands I am putting into them, just to sustain life.

    I had one, very popular, page owner to tell me, nobody owes me anything — which lets me know, they have no idea what this is even about. This is not about me. It is about these many animals here. They also have no idea of the cost it takes to sustain the lives of this many animals, in entirety.

    Many people say they take care of 50 plus cats and they ‘think’ they have done or are doing what I am doing, with cat colonies. What I know about that kind of care-taking is – normal cat colony cats live only outside. It is not as expensive, as what I do now, to go around tossing food out. I have done that in past. Nor is it as time consuming, as what I do now.

    Those type of colony cats will not be seen, most of the time, when needing veterinarian care. They will simply go off, alone, to die. They will simply disappear – out of sight. The care-taker, to that kind of care-taking, is relieved of any such expense as what is here with me and these in my care.

    I have taken on the full responsibility, in entirety. These are no longer normal colony cats. These have become somewhat homed, somewhat housed, in total observation, 24/7. They do not simply disappear to die.

    This takes a whole lot of money, to do what I have done. This is not about me. This is about these animals. Anyone with the way of thinking – nobody owes ‘me’ anything – knows nothing about what I do.

    And if anybody thinks – nobody owes these animals anything – I beg to differ. These were ignored from the beginning of their lives, as somehow, they managed to be homeless cats, breeding and creating many more homeless cats, dumpster diving for their food, suffering illness’ and injuries.

    Once discovered by me, the rescue organizations turned their backs, denying these any help whatsoever, and told me to turn my back and walk away, leaving them to continue breeding and to continue suffering in many ways.

    These animals have been ignored, as I have pleaded help for them. I personally feel the world owes these animals a life, to make up for all of this ugliness, this cold-hearted lack of concern for them. So, any ugly remarks such as – nobody owes – is simply that, ugly remarks from cold-hearted people. One cannot tell me they are true animal lovers, with attitudes such as this.

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